Viable Agent Networks

We are experts in building all types digitally connected agent and merchant networks including but not limited to the following:

a) Super Agent Networks.

b) Specialized Agent Networks.

c) Aggregator Merchant Agent Networks

d) Cluster Agent Networks.

We do start by scoping and carrying out market demarcation to segment the client target market to identify the most suited agent/merchant network model for our partner. This also helps identify addressable target client numbers per agent territory and thereby define required agent network management resources.merchant-network                                                    

We design and develop agent management interface with abilities to create agents and link them to agent/merchant devices, inbuilt fraud monitoring tools, real time daily reporting and reconciliation modules, agent/merchant device activity monitoring, inbuilt agent KPIs tracking, agent service requests ticket management, agent commission calculator among others.

We design and develop the agent/merchant front end app accessible through Mobile, POS or PC and using various communication technology including but not limited to USSD, STK, NFC, QR Codes, Bar Codes, BTLE, Mobile Card Readers, Magnetic Secure Transmission and Cloud.


We develop all policies and procedures for agent/merchant network operations, we carry out agent due diligence, recruit, approve, set-up, train, brand, launch and monitor the agent/merchant operations.