Financial Inclusion Strategy Formulation


Digital Agents works with commercial banks, telecommunication providers and micro-finance institutions and other non bank payment service providers, img-20160921-wa0024

to develop viable financial inclusion strategies aiming at acquiring new customer segments under the unserved and underserved bracket.

Digital Agents does it simply but effectively. We work closely with the respective financial institution to define the following:

1.Diagnose the state of financial inclusion

2.Demarcate the target market and agree on targets for acquiring new clients, timelines and resource requirements

3.Identify barriers and how to mitigate.

4.Craft the Strategy and policies to be followed.

5.Develop tools for monitoring and measuring impact.

Our Target: Digital Agents targets to work with only one ambitious and time conscious financial institution in each African Country to help them develop the financial inclusion strategy to achieve their ambitions of banking the masses.