Financial Inclusion Solutions

We work with your financial institution to launch the next mass market financial inclusion programme through offering tailor-made digital financial inclusion solutions.

With bespoke digital financial inclusion solutions, the excluded and underserved target market will achieve digital access to and use of formal financial services to help improve their living conditions and to help your institution grow further by achieving clients in largely untapped market segments.               img-20160921-wa0022

Digital Agents works with a carefully selected range of tested professional fintech partners to develop tailor-made digital financial solutions that are suited to your customers’ needs and delivered responsibly, at a cost both affordable to customers and sustainable for your institution.

We work with your institution to achieve this by developing solutions in 3 main levels:

1.A reliable digital transactional platform suite enabled on all suitable fronts (NFC, Bar Codes, QR Codes, STK, BTLE, Cloud/Internet & USSD) .

2.A viable agent/merchant network management platform suite

3.A ray of customer's access devices

We professionally & carefully work with your institution and our fintech partners to develop digital financial solutions that help address your mass market’s financial needs but also touch on their daily life for sustainability.

1. Customer Mobile Wallet

a) Local and international P2P transfers

b) Cash-In and Cash-Out

c) Buy Goods & Services

d) Micro-credit,

e) Bill Payments & Top Ups

f) Cardless Transactions through ATMs

g) Micro-insurance for Mass Market

h) Micro-savings

i) Women group contributions

j) Fund Raising Solutions

k) Securities Trading Solution.

2. Merchant Mobile Payments

a) In store Merchant Payments

b) M-Commerce/On line Payments

c) Merchant Loyalty Schemes

d) Merchant pay supplier

e) Merchant Micro-Mobile Loans

3. Agent Network Solution

a) Cash-In Cash-Out from wallet including Mobile Money

b) Active Account Opening (all new accounts have a balance)

c) Pay Bill Transactions & Airtime Top-Up

d) Pay Gov

e) Bulk Remote Payments

f) Float Management

g) Micro-Credit

4. Farmer Solutions

a) Cooperative Produce Delivery

b) Fertilizer & Seed Subsidies

c) Farmer Micro-Savings

d) Framer Micro-Loans

5.Government Payments

a)  Subsidies

b)  Government Service Registration

c)  Government Service Payments

d)  Public Transport & Parking Solutions

6.Integration with Telecom Mobile Moneys & Top -Up


7.Customer, Merchant and Agent Loyalty Schemes.