Our Focus Areas


Financial Inclusion Strategy Formulation

Digital Agents works closely with the respective financial institutions to define the following:

a ) Diagnose the state of financial inclusion in the institution in assessment to the country’s objectives and the market performance. Commonly done through a feasibility study analysis.

b ) Determine the role of the digital financial inclusion in the broader institution’s retail strategy.

c ) Identify the main barriers and how to mitigate them.

d ) Craft the comprehensive digital financial inclusion strategy, policies and procedures and the implementation timeline and resource allocation.

d ) Develop tools for monitoring and measuring impact.


Financial Inclusion Technical Solutions

Digital Agents works with other experienced expert fintech partners to develop tailor-made digital financial solutions that are suited to our customers’ needs and delivered responsibly, at a cost both affordable to customers and sustainable to the institution:

a) Customer Mobile Wallets (Payments, Savings, Credit, Cash-In, Cash-Out etc.)

b) Distributions and Sales Network Management Solutions (Agent and Merchant solutions including E-Commerce Logistic solutions)

c) Farmer & Off-Grid Solar Providers’ Value Chain Management Solutions.

d) Government E-Payment Solutions.

e) Bank, MFI, Telecom Interoperable Solutions.

f) Digital Agents also develops inhouse solutions mainly majoring in distribution network management solutions

Sustainable Agent & Merchant Network.

We are experts in building all types digitally connected distribution networks (agents and merchants) including but not limited to the following:


a)  Master or Aggregator Agent/Merchant Networks

b)  Super-Agent/Merchant Networks

d)  Sub-Agent & Referral Agent/Merchant Networks.


Research and Developments

Through our R & D research unit, we further support our partners and the industry by two main approaches:

a) We conduct ongoing monitoring, evaluation and user satisfaction surveys aimed at identifying what is working and what is not and to improve the solution offering by our clients. We help conduct case studies, pilots and research on new or existing mobile app solutions in Africa.

b) Our new DFI lab is an idea-harvesting and incubation test center from which new digital financial solutions will emerge from.