Digital Agents is a fintech start-up that works as a bridge that slider2Commercial Banks, Telecom Mobile Money Operators, MVNOs, MFIs, other Payment Service Providers and PAYGO Off Grid Solar Home System Providers, require to reach-out to the excluded and underserved masses through outsourced service offering.

Digital Agents was founded in 2016 as a partner in offering sustainable managed end to end digital financial inclusion solutions, to support service providers in advancing the financial inclusion agenda in Africa.

Digital Agents is registered and operational in Kenya as Digital Fintech Limited.



Digital Agents is an impact fintech team that is built on tangible results to support financial and non-financial institutions through outsourced service offering to make sustainable and meaningful impression in the dear lives of societies that are financially excluded and underserved.



Digital Agents Specializes in 4 main key impact areas of the digital financial inclusion ecosystem:

1.Financial Inclusion Strategy Formulation.  Digital Agents works together with partners to develop viable financial inclusion strategies targeting underserved and unserved segments.

2.Financial Inclusion Technical Solutions  We partner with professional fintech providers to develop bespoke digital solutions to meet the financial inclusion needs & achieve the organizations goals as outlined in the strategy. We also develop our own inhouse solutions available to providers targeting value chain automation, digital group financial solutions and farmer solutions among others.

3.Viable Agent & Merchant Network. We build viable digital distribution networks (agent and merchant networks) to manage the roll out and s go-to-market strategy including new clients onboarding, e-commerce logistic solutions among others.

4.Research and Developments. We conduct ongoing monitoring, evaluation and customer and user satisfaction surveys aimed at identifying what is working and what is not and to improve the solution offering to meet the set targets and financial inclusion needs. We have an idea incubation lab from which new solutions will emerge.



1. We are a dedicated fully outsourced digital financial inclusion business specialized in working with our partners from crafting the strategy to celebrating success and implementing improvements in digital finance and rural and urban empowerment programs.

2.Our management team is well practiced and experienced in digital financial inclusion solutions design, implementation, building successful agent networks and conducting consumer, user and product research, case studies and pilots.

3.Proven track record ;

a)  Successfully built a digital agent network for BBOXX in Kenya and Rwanda for its Solar Home Systems Sales and Distribution.

b) Worked with BPR-Atlas Mara Rwanda to build a digital agent banking network to drive deeper financial inclusion and digital banking.

c)  Worked with Ecobank Rwanda to build a digital merchant network to drive cashless payments in Rwanda.

d) Worked with Ibuild Global to implement an Ibuild app in Kenya where Lenders advertise home building loan products via iBUILD that one can apply for and receive funds directly for construction to their iBUILD Digital Savings Wallet.


To be the most steadfast & reliable digital financial inclusion implementing partner in providing progressive digital financial inclusion solutions.


To be the most preferred digital financial inclusion implementing partner in Africa.


To provide reliable pathways to sustainable digital financial inclusion.